A successfully complete residential project in Lugano Barbengo

Alain Rocchi who was born and raised in Barbengo, tells us about the decisions that were taken on the residential new development in Lugano Barbengo. The outstanding quality of materials and the nature-preserving choices have been awarded Residenza Viale dei Pioppi one of the best places to live for households of any age, singles and families with kids.

A successfully complete residential project in Lugano Barbengo

During 2021, in the midst of a pandemic emergency, the housing project in Lugano Barbengo kicked off, which would later be successfully completed at the end of 2023, ahead of schedule.

Alain Rocchi and his group embarked, with the courage and skills already demonstrated in the various previous real estate transactions, on a new and more ambitious project having the goal of building 12 modern apartments of various sizes, as well as 4 detached single-family houses equipped with every comfort.

As an inhabitant since childhood of Barbengo, Alain is very familiar with this area, which has some unique and peculiar characteristics. In fact, it is located just a few minutes from the center of Lugano and the Lugano Sud highway interchange.
It offers preschools, elementary and middle schools as well as sports fields, hiking trails and peaceful nature walks, just minutes from the lake. In addition, the Viale dei Pioppi Residence is located in the sunniest area of Barbengo, with the added convenience of being able to reach shopping centers in the immediate vicinity in comfort.

The project developed by Thierry Bottinelli, who also grew up in the area, was approached by choosing to minimize the impact on the environment and the surrounding area. The materials chosen, all supplied and put in place by local craftsmen, are of the highest quality; such as the Travertine used for the exterior cladding, an eternal and ever-living stone that changes color as the lighting changes, giving dynamism to the residence without disturbing the view and the surroundings.

The complexities of the economic climate, international conflicts and rising prices have not prevented a commitment to high quality standards. The fine materials of the exterior and interior finishes, the large gardens dedicated to the ground-floor apartments, the large terraces with glass parapets, the air-conditioning system installed in all units, as well as the spacious basements with private laundry rooms, demonstrate how they have invested in the comfort and satisfaction of their clients.

The people of Barbengo have shown appreciation for the project, given their commitment to creating a new residence that was not only tasteful but also respected and enhanced the surrounding area. 

As of today, it can be said that the construction site has been practically completed ahead of schedule, confirming the seriousness and capabilities of the group and the great effort put into this project.