Residenza Viale dei Pioppi. New modern villas.

Lugano Barbengo

Detached houses and apartments with garden or terrace

4.5 and 5.5 rooms detached houses scheduled for spring 2024 and 2.5/ rooms apartments for you ready to move in.

Completion scheduled in Spring 2024

4 brand new detached houses

The four detached houses have been designed as simple rectangular monoliths, enbellished thanks to the Classic Travertino stone, used for their facades. Their roof have been enriched with a grass overlay, providing a better view to the neighbours.

This property interiors haven't been finished yet to give to the buyers the chance to choose them, providing to the house their own personal style. This option will be available for those who reserve the villa by the end of 2023.

Every detached house has two floors, a big entrance, a private garden and two parking spaces. Two of them have been designed including a basement which adds extra 70 sq/m living space to the house. On the ground floor there are a nice size entrance, with wardrobe and a guest bathroom, and a bright open space kitchen - with food storage - and living room. The comfortable stairs take you to the upper floor where a master bedroom with ensuite bathroom is situated, together with other two single bedrooms and a second bathroom.

Villas Lugano Barbengo
Apartments Lugano Barbengo

Ready for you to move in today

12 Apartments with garden or terrace

The main building includes 12 apartments of different sizes. Each apartment has been designed with a unique style to match everyone's taste and making each apartment special.

On the ground floor of the building there a two 3.5 rooms apartments, one 2.5 rooms apartment and one 4.5 rooms apartment. All of the apartments on the ground floor have a private garden. On the first floor there are two 2.5 rooms apartments and two 3.5 rooms apartments, while on the second top floor there are four astonishing 4.5 room apartments. A common area surrounded by trees is available for the residents to enjoy their freetime outdoors.

Every apartment comes with a huge balcony/terrace which provides to the property an extra level of confort and quality living. The main facade is partially covered with the amazing Classic Travertino stone, to match the color and the style of the four detached houses. The interiors have been built using the finest finishing materials and this makes the property a pure example of high quality apartment.

Residenza Viale dei Pioppi

A new development built with modern standards with 4 detached houses and 12 apartments

Prospect and schemas Residenza Viale dei Pioppi

Common areas

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