Viale dei Pioppi

Last available units for sale in Lugano Barbengo.

Residenza Viale dei Pioppi. Villette di nuova costruzione.

Villas and apartments in Lugano Barbengo

Last remaining units still available

The new development Residenza Viale dei Pioppi is now complete and some units are still available for sale: villas with 4.5 and 5.5 rooms and apartments with 3.5 and 4.5 rooms with garden or terrace.

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The new development Residenza Viale dei Pioppi is almost complete.
Villas will be completed in spring 2024 while all apartments are now ready for you to move in. You have now the opportunity to reserve a villa or an apartment in a beautiful new development, built following the most modern concepts and the highest quality benchmarks.
Residenza Viale dei Pioppi villas.

A brand new development in Lugano Barbengo

Surrounded by nature, this new development takes its name by the huge centuries-old poplar ('pioppo') that has its roots where the new development stands. The new development project has been based on two main concepts: building a multiple units new development providing to each unit an unique feel and impacting as less as possible the local environment. On the southern part of the land, four detached houses have been built, while on the northern part, there is a building with 12 apartments. The new development has been built being extremely careful on maiking it part of the beautiful residential surrounding enviroment, actually, increasing the quality of the area. Following this lead, the architect designed the whole development preferring an elegant and modern style to value even more the entire landscape.


The new development Residenza Viale dei Pioppi is situated in Via dei Balconi in Lugano Barbengo. It has been built to provide to its residents the unique chance to make the most of the local area conforts while enjoy the surrounding nature. The green environment had a main role during the design phase. The new development location is definitely strategic. The Lugano city center is only few minutes away, same a the main motorway junction which allow the residents to travel quicly to the north of Switzerland or to the close Italian border. Kinder-garten, primary and secondary school are on a walking distance from the new development, together with the sporting camp and most of the biggest shopping centres are situated in this area too. The area is massively covered by the public transports and provides to its residents the incredible opportunity to enjoy the surrounding lake and mountains.


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Progetto di Home Staging nell'edilizia residenziale: un connubio di stile e funzionalità a Lugano Barbengo by Tuttoimmobili

A project of Home Staging in residential construction: a blend of style and functionality in Lugano Barbengo by Tuttoimmobili.

The team at Tuttoimmobili believes in the importance of Interior Design. This is why, in collaboration with the Paola Favretto Studio, the spaces of an exemplary apartment in Residenza Viale dei Pioppi have been meticulously curated to prove the importance of interior design in harmonizing functionality and aesthetics. The oak floor, the precious wallpaper and every other element reflects the refined and welcoming look of this beautiful flat. The living room, the dining area and the bedroom have been designed giving the right importance both to the natural light and to a confortable place. An amazing piece of modern art, brings vivacity to the room.